Unveiling the Google Search API Leak: A Comprehensive Database of Ranking Signals

Curious about the true ranking signals Google Search uses? We at GrowthSRC conducted an exhaustive analysis of the leaked Google Search API documents, which are believed to detail over 14,000 ranking features accessible to Google employees. Our team has created a user-friendly, searchable database of these signals. Each entry includes a brief description of the factor, its potential meaning, an estimated weight for each factor, focus area and how to interpret it in the context of search rankings, along with an estimated weight in the algorithm.

💡 To see the table more clearly and use its filtering features, please open the site on a desktop computer.

How The Below Database Can Help You?

  • Providing Clients with Evidence-Based SEO Recommendations
  • Assessing the Impact of Algorithm on Your Website
  • Identifying and Addressing SEO Violations
  • Training Resource For Your SEO Team

How to Use This Database

Interesting Concepts and Ranking Features to Explore

  • Page Speed: The impact of loading times on rankings.
  • Mobile Friendliness: How mobile optimization influences search visibility.
  • Backlink Quality: Understanding the importance of high-quality backlinks.
  • Content Relevance: The role of relevant content in search rankings.
  • User Engagement: Metrics like bounce rate and dwell time.
  • Keyword Usage: Effective keyword placement and density.
  • Domain Authority: The overall strength and trustworthiness of a domain.
  • Structured Data: The benefits of using schema markup.
  • HTTPS Security: The significance of secure, encrypted connections.
  • Social Signals: The effect of social media presence on rankings.

Search the above table with these concepts and others to gain insights into how they potentially influence search rankings and use them optimize your search strategies accordingly.

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💡 Special thanks to Erfan Azimi, and Rand Fishkin, for breaking the news and giving inspiration to build this database.

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